Yeah down to bytes

1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes

btw i didnt find how to sell or buy black bye

is price same for blackbyte?

Use the in-wallet exchange bot

I haven't checked price on blackbytes for a while. They're usually cheaper

Is blackbytes as private as something like xmr?

No exchanges. It's actually that private.

i mean if its not free as year ago for bitcoin owners

It would have worked well in reverse

People who need privacy will usually be willing to pay for it

You can even receive blackbytes without the sender getting to know your address. As of wallet version 2.5.0 they can be sent as textcoins.

are blackbytes popular in darknet? or still in beginning stage?

Create a random anonymous email address. Have the sender send you the blackbytes as a textcoin. No trace of you even at the sender's end...

No transaction visible on the DAG either. They are fully self contained.

If blackbytes was the valuable one and public gbytes the cheaper one it would suit dark markets who would pay extra for the privacy

I guess Tony doesn't have that vision in mind tho 😁

My own personal belief (of course without knowing all specific details of all privacy coins) I would say that blackbytes are probably one of the most private if not THE most private of them all.

Coins with total privacy might have a hard time getting listed on coinbase etc

The government doesn't want us all to have untraceable money

They cant be. The minute they get listed on an exchange, part of the privacy goes down the drain

A dag gets faster as more people use it?

I read the white paper at the start

But hard to remember it all 😁

The government doesn't want us all to have untraceable money

Fortunately, this great technology works fine even without the government's consent 👍

Btc is effectively crippled from mass adoption so we have a good chance to eventually replace it

Btc at 1mb can't onboard enough users

They apply 2nd layer solutions like lightning network (with the flaws an inefficiencies it has, though) to circumvent those limitations.

🤣 I know the road map

I just lack faith in the team tbh

Byteball's streaming payment channels is a layer-2 solution too. It allows funds to be spend between two wallets without having to wait for confirmations.

Adam and luke and Greg and Peter over engineered a very simple problem

We had $50-100 tx fees and a 2 month backlog

You can try it out yourself, actually. If you have a wallet with only 1 incoming utxo you can try to send two transactions from it without having to wait for the first transaction's return funds to become stable.

🤣 They could have raised the block to 2mb while developing the next layer of solutions

They would still have to convince all miners

That probably wouldn't have happened

Btc at 1mb can't onboard enough users

The 1MB is only arbitrary and can be increased or removed of course. At least in theory, we've seen the heated debated on how hard that is in practice.Or you could say the limit has already been increased, in some, eh.. "variants of bitcoins" (or altcoins or shitcoins as some people call them when referring to BCHABC, BCHSV, et cetera)

Most of the miners were in favour of btc unlimited proposal at one stage

We had $50-100 tx fees and a 2 month backlog

Yes it was incredibly retarded. IMHO so much worse than just increasing the block size limit.

We wasted a few years and not much happened since Mike hearn left

(notwithstanding that segwit and especially LN serve a lot of other purposes as well or course)