Oh no I very strongly disagree with Mike

Mike is a smart guy

🤣 But it's all in the past

Yep, what happened to Gavin was definitely not right, imho

It was a dream team of talent before the wheels fell off

Despite the bamboozling

Now they have given altcoins an opportunity to gain momentum

Fragmentation is not healthy for a global currency

There is 35+ different flavours of bitcoin now

🤣 How would that look like from the outside?

Well 95% of all alts out there are utter useless shyte that add absolutely nothing. So they will fade into oblivion in due time.

Bch has potential to be used as money

And an army of supporters

is new bitcoin sv total garbage?

Look at the github

Marketing is sometimes more important than good tech

Byteball is the perfect example

Worse coins have much higher market caps

i remember there was site with developer updates numbers in github

Some complete crap

does someone remember?

I read on reddit lately that fake satoshi has done basically nothing

Except rage on twitter

We can watch with popcorn 🍿

Nice graphics for the weekly progress report here: https://twitter.com/ByteballOrg/status/1082328273374380032

So it's tested a full backup from Android works fine restoring at a desktop (incl smart wallet) but restoring to another android doesn't work

do i need a full backup everytime i send funds to a wallet ?

do i need a full backup everytime i send funds to a wallet ?

You need only a full backup for safe smart contracts and private assets (like blackbytes).If you receive only bytes you dont need all time a backup 😉 you can try this with a small amount.Attention!If you make a backup and after you generate a new address and receive to this address bytes, you must after restore generate this new address again.sorry for my english 🤡

do you reduced byteball wcg rewards in the last 3 weeks?

From December 24th, yeah


1$ per 1 million WGC points, lol

i'm contributing since october (ca. 3 months) now

and i got about 900'000 WGC points in this time

so if i continue my support i will get about 4$ of bytes in 2019

What was the reward before the change? Something like 1$ per 100'000 WGC points?

That sounds about right.