Cant remember if it was 100,000 or 150,000 but something down those lines.

New byteball user that needs a few bytes to experiment with the platform can still have plenty for transaction fees. For profit making there are probably other projects more relevant to check out. Gridcoin and BiblePay springs to mind

Ok, I have a byteball witness running. Far as I can tell, database fully updated, witness funded, and log showing it's operating without issues. How do I ensure the network participants can see it

Announcing your candidacy to the community is all that it takes. Publish the wallet address of the witness and people can change one of their default witnesses to your address instead.

You could also apply to become one of the default witnesses broadcasted by the hubs.

To announce your formal candidacy to become a default witness, you should definitely join the Byteball Slack and talk to the user "Suirelav".

That's Valerius Coppens, the head of strategy, who is also in charge of the ongoing process of decentralizing the witnesses.

Announcing your candidacy to the community is all that it takes. Publish the wallet address of the witness and people can change one of their default witnesses to your address instead.

Thanks. I'm asking more on technical side. The witness server listens to requests, I presume via the config option exports.port = 6611 determines that the witness can be accessed externally via requests to that?

In fact, the best is to make your witness as safe as possible by blocking incoming access to minimize the risk of getting hacked and your witness being used maliciously (eg. changing what transactions it sees first)

Users don't connect to witness nodes.

There's basically nothing more to it, then 😊As Peter says, as long as the witness posts transactions at a regular interval, that the full nodes of the network can use as a sort of "beacon" to determine a transactions position on the main chain, you are pretty much all set and ready to go.

Suggestions for improving the textcoin landing page, feedback welcome

steem attestation still on going ?

guys, a developer from China develops a web version wallet for Byteball ( ), it is ready for tryout now, you can use it to create Byteball wallet, backup via keystore and mnemonic, receive bytes and send bytes, check status throuth Byteball explorer, welcome to try and appreciate feedback, for more detail you can read this post at our reddit channel:

Do keep in mind, though, that by using a web-wallet, the control of the private key is effectively in the hands of the developer of the website. Therefore, users should use any web wallet understanding that risk. The developer isn't a Byteball core-team developer and thus, Byteball cannot guarantee safekeeping of users' funds.

That is a question I have not known yet, good to inquire him.

I already addressed this question, he said private key is totally in the client side, not uploaded to server side. So users control private key, you can verify it through your internet exploer.

here you can see all interactions between client and server.

I think this shold be the right way, otherwise nobody is able to use web wallet like MEW,etc.

It effectively requires the user to be able to check where the private key was generated. Not all users can be expected to be able to validate if the private key was generated locally and never left the users' computer/browser.

I am not saying that there is anything suspicious about the web wallet, only that users should be aware of the risks and make a qualified decision on whether to use a wallet or not.

👌Yes, I agree it is decided by user whether to use the web version wallet, it is a news from the local community, so there will be no official promotion for it.

It'll be fine to mention it in the weekly newsletter. Only with the notice that it is a community effort :)

The wcg sent to our byteball wallet can be used for what please ?

Nothing for the time being. It does allow any third party to offer discounts or similar things to also show their support for Byteball users who contributed to the WCG effort

It's a purely honorary token as a proof of your work even though you spend the Bytes you earned

Today I managed to get the last nots and bolts to fit together on the Byteball-statistics service of the Chinese hub. It is similar to the newly released page on but from the perspective of the Chinese hub.Check it out here:

There is a new suggestion from Barborrico. Please have your say and comment on the idea. Is it good? Bad? Are there problems with it? Can it be improved?

Nice article , thank you

If people have suggestions for new distribution methods, please dont be shy. It should have wide reach, include some kind of mechanism to prevent a single user from claiming the distribution more than once and generally address a community or group that is relevant and can potentially contribute to the overall ecosystem.

Total supply 1m GBYTE...equal to XBC. Valuable coins.

Maybe break the draw down into 2 tiers of holders .......holders of 50 or more bytes in one draw and smaller holders less than 50 bytes in another draw? This makes it fairer for both the large and small holder 👌🏼

Or something along those lines

Great idea. Actually so great that it was done since the last draw. It splits at 500, though.

The cut at 500 was decided after having studied the balances of the wallets to try and get it as fair and evenly distributed as possible.

Oh wow I had no idea they already did something like that ......good too know 😬

All I know is that I haven’t won haha