I was just thinking 50 byte wallets are about $1,500 and of course 100 byte wallets are $3,000 .....for people who diversify into many coins I assumed that was about average for MOST of the wallets for Byteball

Is there any plans moving forward to be able to buy bytes directly in the wallet besides the Indie coin option ?

I’m in the U.S. and for some reason it doesn’t allow me too

Yes, but it requires a direct bank connection from Byteball. That involves a lot of legal compliance and takes ages. But eventually, there will be options other than the Inda Coin solution.

Hello Admin kindly pm me thanks

You can just state your question here in the channel. No need for PM


I proposed the name "Guppie turned Yuppie" for balances below 500 Gbyte 😉

Who is the right person to discuss about potential exchange listing?

Final update before the bot-wars deadline: https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@angr/byteball-bot-wars-progress-report-2-monetizing-content-and-apis-with-byteball-error-fare-alerts-bot
Paying homage to a great Dane. Mr. Anders Hejlsberg, the creator of several programming languages. C# being just one. https://twitter.com/ByteballOrg/status/1083777834424954882

Good day @Punqtured. I have my permanent government issued pvc ( permanent voters card ) and I'd love to know if it will be accepted during real name attestation. Thanks

And I don't know why I keep getting this pop up

Even after switching

You using multi wallet possible ?

Nope , just my single wallet and the smart contract wallet

Let me.go check that button

Click on this setting icon

Thanks 😊 seen


We should celebrate Chinese new year as well. They even have cool names for years where we use boring numbers. 2015 vs The Year Of The Dragon. Not fair competition 😂


Dear ADMIN, 1.- did byteball do an ICO in the past? and 2.- does BYTEBALL have a MARKETING BUDGET for 2019? and 3.-does BYTEBALL have a 2019 roadmap? please let me know i am thinking about buying bBYTEBALLS COINS thanks. 🙂🙂🙂🙂


Thanks. Not sure they accepted. You should check Jumios website.


That's the worst copy/paste answer. Firstly, Byteball cannot see which details were provided, only if the verification resulted in success or rejection. Secondly, we cannot affect which types of ID their systems are able to verify.

They offer an option to apply various additional checks like credit worthiness but we don't do that. Whether people have a good or bad credit history is totally irrelevant to Byteball since the ID isn't used to provide any kind of credit to users.