Like you said some user already delete their wallet because they using only for claim airdrop and sell their byte

i hate to download again and again

Create a random anonymous email address. Have the sender send you the blackbytes as a textcoin. No trace of you even at the sender's end...

No transaction visible on the DAG either. They are fully self contained.

My own personal belief (of course without knowing all specific details of all privacy coins) I would say that blackbytes are probably one of the most private if not THE most private of them all.

They cant be. The minute they get listed on an exchange, part of the privacy goes down the drain

I just lack faith in the team tbh

Byteball's streaming payment channels is a layer-2 solution too. It allows funds to be spend between two wallets without having to wait for confirmations.

You can try it out yourself, actually. If you have a wallet with only 1 incoming utxo you can try to send two transactions from it without having to wait for the first transaction's return funds to become stable.

🤣 They could have raised the block to 2mb while developing the next layer of solutions

Now they have given altcoins an opportunity to gain momentum

do i need a full backup everytime i send funds to a wallet ?

You need only a full backup for safe smart contracts and private assets (like blackbytes).If you receive only bytes you dont need all time a backup 😉 you can try this with a small amount.Attention!If you make a backup and after you generate a new address and receive to this address bytes, you must after restore generate this new address again.sorry for my english 🤡

There's basically nothing more to it, then 😊As Peter says, as long as the witness posts transactions at a regular interval, that the full nodes of the network can use as a sort of "beacon" to determine a transactions position on the main chain, you are pretty much all set and ready to go.

guys, a developer from China develops a web version wallet for Byteball ( ), it is ready for tryout now, you can use it to create Byteball wallet, backup via keystore and mnemonic, receive bytes and send bytes, check status throuth Byteball explorer, welcome to try and appreciate feedback, for more detail you can read this post at our reddit channel:

I already addressed this question, he said private key is totally in the client side, not uploaded to server side. So users control private key, you can verify it through your internet exploer.

If people have suggestions for new distribution methods, please dont be shy. It should have wide reach, include some kind of mechanism to prevent a single user from claiming the distribution more than once and generally address a community or group that is relevant and can potentially contribute to the overall ecosystem.

Maybe break the draw down into 2 tiers of holders .......holders of 50 or more bytes in one draw and smaller holders less than 50 bytes in another draw? This makes it fairer for both the large and small holder 👌🏼

The cut at 500 was decided after having studied the balances of the wallets to try and get it as fair and evenly distributed as possible.

We should celebrate Chinese new year as well. They even have cool names for years where we use boring numbers. 2015 vs The Year Of The Dragon. Not fair competition 😂


That's the worst copy/paste answer. Firstly, Byteball cannot see which details were provided, only if the verification resulted in success or rejection. Secondly, we cannot affect which types of ID their systems are able to verify.

Yeah, and I know the exchange bot is being moved to a new server, so that might also cause some additional waiting time. It should be there in an hour or so

Just a quick update on the Cryptopia hack. There is still no news or emails to byteball core team from them.

(sorry for wrong image in thumbnail - it's changed on the article, but apparently, the thumbnail keeps the old image)

Right now, they have frozen all wallets which is definitely in everyone's best interest. We can only wait and see what happens. But right now, neither Cryptopia nor the New Zealand police and cyber crime unit has made any announcements about what exactly has been stolen.