Download the script, check the last hash of the bitcoin blockchain and see for yourself.Thanks to you there is now actual discussions going whether it is required to spend the developers' time creating a script and API that will enable everyone that doesnt even care to sync up a full node to validate that everything is 100%Congratulations on successfully screwing over the project. But at least do have the balls to admit when you can see for yourself that you are wrong and post your apology as often and vividly as you did your accusations.

The rankings of coinmarketcap is being criticized and for good reason, it turned out. The blockchain transparency institute set out to gather data on exchanges' actual volumes and for more than a year, their team has grown and their reports become more and more detailed. I highly suggest people check out their work.

Yeah - the speed often surprises people. But with somewhat low number of transactions, the time for a transaction to become stable is rather high. 10-15 minutes is normal. But of course, compared to some of the blockchains, it's still super fast :)