Now they have given altcoins an opportunity to gain momentum

There is 35+ different flavours of bitcoin now

is new bitcoin sv total garbage?

Worse coins have much higher market caps

New byteball user that needs a few bytes to experiment with the platform can still have plenty for transaction fees. For profit making there are probably other projects more relevant to check out. Gridcoin and BiblePay springs to mind

Suggestions for improving the textcoin landing page, feedback welcome

Total supply 1m GBYTE...equal to XBC. Valuable coins.

I was just thinking 50 byte wallets are about $1,500 and of course 100 byte wallets are $3,000 .....for people who diversify into many coins I assumed that was about average for MOST of the wallets for Byteball

Is there any plans moving forward to be able to buy bytes directly in the wallet besides the Indie coin option ?

Yes, but it requires a direct bank connection from Byteball. That involves a lot of legal compliance and takes ages. But eventually, there will be options other than the Inda Coin solution.


Dear ADMIN, 1.- did byteball do an ICO in the past? and 2.- does BYTEBALL have a MARKETING BUDGET for 2019? and 3.-does BYTEBALL have a 2019 roadmap? please let me know i am thinking about buying bBYTEBALLS COINS thanks. 🙂🙂🙂🙂

They operate in New Zealand and are regulated under that jurisdiction. They would be charged with theft if they seized customers' funds. I have a very hard time seeing that would ever happen. The coins they lost (we still don't know if Bytes where stolen or not) where customers' coins, and therefore it might not be possible to reimburse customers for that. But coins that wasn't stolen will still be in their wallet and once they re-open, customers will have legal ownership over those coins.