If someone decided to do a scam that way, it would probably qualify for the worst scam ever in the history of crypto! 😂

Yeah, you're quite right, but it's a huge step to go from existing web based solutions to an unknown cryptocurrency wallet one

It's not like you "add" a cryptocurrency into it, the ledger and the transactions it can record is the currency.Both with blockchain as well as with Byteball's DAG.

But why isn't Byteball a household name then?

Because tech first, marketing second (unlike many crypto currency projects, which are often: marketing first, period.)

So perhaps the problems you experience was during that (I have to check if they are back up, actually) - I guess that these days, nothing is really as usually everywhere in the world of crypto.

We're in the same boat on that, though I don't trade or own a lot of crypto. The very moment money enters anything, everything become irrational, emotional and focus completely shifts from the benefits of a technology to greed and selfism.

In crypto, people assume the worst for good reason.

That's the reason we do the Use-a-thons, reach out to universities and developer communities to host contests and generally make the platform known to groups of people outside the usual crypto sphere.
Download the script, check the last hash of the bitcoin blockchain and see for yourself.Thanks to you there is now actual discussions going whether it is required to spend the developers' time creating a script and API that will enable everyone that doesnt even care to sync up a full node to validate that everything is 100%Congratulations on successfully screwing over the project. But at least do have the balls to admit when you can see for yourself that you are wrong and post your apology as often and vividly as you did your accusations.

I don't think an apology is in order on my end. Quite the other way around. This situation continues to look very bad for this project. Self awarding tokens is a big deal and that was certainly done here by Tarmo's admission. You claim that it was luck but that sort of luck is astronomical. In crypto and in life, the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one. This looks like the team was self dumping. It's up to the team to prove otherwise.
Which airdrop are you talking about?

ByteBall Airdrop 2018 - Earn your Free Crypto TokensEstimated Value :14.0 USDDate :11/11/2018DescriptionByteball is a decentralized system that allows tamper-proof storage of arbitrary data, including data that represents a transferrable value such as currencies, property titles, debt, shares, etc.

Hehe with crypto, we're kinda used to things being very technical, so we often don't see the easy solutions 😂

Most active people are crypto enthusiasts and probably subscribed to many crypto subreddits

плохие новости: Byteball is Moscow-based. Given the recent tendencies of the Russian government (attacking and censoring the internet, attempted blocking of telegram for not giving crypto keys, mass surveillance), this is a big problem. The main hub could be compromised, giving every transaction to the Russian government.

maybe add other cryptos

Especially if the crypto comes from this country

Byteball (like any real cryptocurrency) is not linked to any specific country.

Yeah there's nothing suspicious here. Tony realized that crypto needs features that allow compliance to regulations. And he made it in a brilliant way that you don't have to share your documents in every random use case. If an ICO only needs a proof you are not a US resident, you don't have to show them your photo ID, simply show that you have a profile attested by the non-US attestor.

And that was even way back then, compared to btc or other first gen crypto it was already impressive

thats the other thing that salaries of crypto experts was too huge

guys i have my byteball on cryptopia :( i heard about the hack :( do you have some news?

Just a quick update on the Cryptopia hack. There is still no news or emails to byteball core team from them.

The Byteball Bot Wars contest got some media attention:

Right now, they have frozen all wallets which is definitely in everyone's best interest. We can only wait and see what happens. But right now, neither Cryptopia nor the New Zealand police and cyber crime unit has made any announcements about what exactly has been stolen.