A bit like Monero / Dash / Zcash (in terms of privacy purpose, the inner workings are completely different)

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Yes, but what about the ringct problems? Rogier asked to elaborate I did so, the fact that it occurred is what I was referring to, I did not claim it has not been solved, I claim such a problem should never happen in the first place, this is why monero is full of holes.

Thx for the explanation but "full of holes" and "they have major problems with RingCT" sounds a bit exaggerated? Monero devs doing a pretty good job imho. Compared to alternatives like Zcash (zkSnarks) and Dash (masternodes) I would definitely prefer Monero. Although I like blackbytes just as much. Hope there will be a way to make it more accessible and practical. Maybe some construction like setting up temporary web nodes so you don't strictly need a direct connection to send some GBB.

it could be the next dash or beyond

That's great Hugh, there are a few other coins that heavily focus on marketing (arguably even more so than technical development), for example Dash does a great job on this (example video: )

i have btc, ltc, dash, pivx, digibyte, bitbean, quark, eth, ... and byteball now

Hi guys...what's ur thought about u think than it can be used as an anon curency like zcash zcl monero dash...etc or if it's doing for something else ?cause i'm looking for invest into an anon coin but don't understand if blackbyte want to reach this goal

You can invest Tango coin in Tango lending platform exclusively from the BitConnect Dashboard. This investment option involves profiting from Tango trading bot and volatility software. You will receive daily profit based on your investment option. Upon investment term completion, you will receive your CAPITAL BACK to take out from the Tango lending platform or optionally reinvest back in lending platform to continue receiving daily profit.

Lol I just realized how retarded DASH’s market cap is

Their whole evolution thing is trying to make dash easy to use

Lots of centralized decisions. If the tech wasnt so cool that would really put me off

its very off putting for sure, especially the surprise airdrop could potentially be used for something very scammy. similar to the surprise start of dash

G20 might try to ban privat coins like dash etc

Kind of related... For those who aren't on slack and following the #tradetheodds channel or didn't catch it in the latest newsletter... there is an ongoing effort to create a P2P sports betting exchange website (using with Byteball smart contracts and on chain oracles. Betting is with $GBYTE not a new/niche coin. The goal is to be live in time for FIFA. The homepage and dashboard preview are almost finalized. This week we will announce the "coming soon and here's a preview" site. If you're willing to promote and retweet please follow Tony said he will retweet the announcement so once it's out you should see it from the Byteball twitter account as well.
Monero, Zcash and Dash are being delisted from Coincheck under pressure from Japanese authorities. An opportunity for Blackbytes?

The idea isn't that the people here in Venezuela just take the free bytes and change them to BTC(specially when they do it massively affecting the price so people can't HODL), ideally we have to implement ways to make payments directly with them, particularly I instructed the owner of a fast food business to accept bytes since he already was accepting BTC and Dash and it was a huge success at the USB.

Hello, I'm from CryptalDash Exchange Coin Listing Team, I hope that someone can DM me from the core team.

THe seed is 12 words separated by dashes, right?


You can call me, speak either Yoruba, Hausa or Pidgin if I no go sell you and dash you change. Malo wa o ogbeni. Sai na nuna maka wai mun yiya ne mutumina 😁

What is 12 words separated by dashes?

you can send Blackbytes via Whatsapp, Telegram, email etc directly without knowing the recipients wallet address. You cannot do that with Monero Zcash or Dash

One thing I'm really looking forward to is the launch of tradetheodds betting site. There's already a sneak preview of their dashboard available now. Looks pretty sleek and they seem to be ready for bets on eSports as well. Check it out:

Byteball should act like Dash did in venezuela. Massive Dash commercials in Venezuela. They use more dash than Bitcoin over there

In Venezuela they use nano

Cant post the link. But google it Dash is a big thing in Venezuela

I thought boinc client was effectively the mining mechanism for bbp. Can some central force decide who gets rewarded to mine and who doesn't? Or does it require the majority of the network to make such a decision?

Sporks! its an interesting DASH feature: But yes the Lead Developer currently holds the spork key to control the Team blacklist (which is now empty) :)

If you said, the DASH node reward should have stopped