Mas não tem nem comparação, GBYTE tem muito mais recursos e utilidades.

Actually nemesis is the first.

yes,nemesis is the first

Hi, I'm from Ukraine, sorry for my english. I tried to install headless-byteball module, when I start script start.js, I must input mnemonic and at last ctrl Z then 'bg'

Yes, however lets not speak about nemisis, it might think we called for it

Sure, Neo, Nem, Qtum, Waves

I love the idea and how you guys presented - any plans to integrate with merchants? or a browser extensions to make payments. atm its isolated in the app environemnt and to get mass adoption it needs soemthing. I just want this coin to do well.

or without click claim funds in wallet - just paste mnemo tattoo-clown-oil-drink-hill-symbol-dumb-rescue-inch-capable-venture-document

The "dictionary" for mnemonic encoding

Here is the dictionary with all 2048 mnemonic words:

It opens the app and says "invalid mnemonic"

what's a real smart contact use case

Here a use case that works (but could use refinement). I run a cupcake store. Client orders online and pays GBYTE into a smart contract - the contract says that both I and the delivery man will receive payment once the client signs for delivery of the order. Once the delivery man arrives at client's doorstep he will make sure the client signs for delivery (via personal oracle - check the Byteball wiki) so he get's paid. Once the deliverer get's paid I also get paid.

Any news on real world use of the on-chain ID attestation? Would be amazing to get larger exchanges to accept ByteBall's attestation, rather than deal with yet more selfies etc. NEM's Proximax is currently sorting an ICO out, having to deal with KYC. Could be a nice opportunity to show how the ID attestation works.

Actually the userneme thing is quite useful. Nice to have a wallet address hat's not insanely long jibberish

Don't let perfect be the enemy of good, as the saying goes.

Here is the dictionary with all 2048 mnemonic words:

It's also used in bitcore-mnemonic but I don't really get why the email attestation bot should require that

guys, a developer from China develops a web version wallet for Byteball ( ), it is ready for tryout now, you can use it to create Byteball wallet, backup via keystore and mnemonic, receive bytes and send bytes, check status throuth Byteball explorer, welcome to try and appreciate feedback, for more detail you can read this post at our reddit channel: