I've asked the bot operator to see if he can somehow add the playoff games. Let's see what happens 😉

will byteball wallet remove old nonactive bots from bot store?

Each hub operator decides which bots are in the bot store for users connected to it. If a bot becomes unresponsive/taken down, hub operators will notice and remove it.

Hubs and witnesses are the two core elements that will potentially have a financial incentive. Witnesses from the transaction fees and hubs can in time build a model of income from being "first in line" full nodes seeing transactions a fraction of a second before everyone else, thereby making it possible for it to post a transaction of its own to reference that new transaction, thus collecting the payload part of the fee. Another income model could be to offer bot operators a high rank on the bot store, promote a certain bot through a time limited campaign etc.

Ok, I have a byteball witness running. Far as I can tell, database fully updated, witness funded, and log showing it's operating without issues. How do I ensure the network participants can see it

They operate in New Zealand and are regulated under that jurisdiction. They would be charged with theft if they seized customers' funds. I have a very hard time seeing that would ever happen. The coins they lost (we still don't know if Bytes where stolen or not) where customers' coins, and therefore it might not be possible to reimburse customers for that. But coins that wasn't stolen will still be in their wallet and once they re-open, customers will have legal ownership over those coins.