Perhaps it's the sports Oracle that just haven't got those matches from wherever it gets its results. It's weird, though, because there's been other NFL games on the bot before.

The sports Oracle is there along with all the attestation bots.

The rankings of coinmarketcap is being criticized and for good reason, it turned out. The blockchain transparency institute set out to gather data on exchanges' actual volumes and for more than a year, their team has grown and their reports become more and more detailed. I highly suggest people check out their work.

I recently regeneration my old wallet and started following it on twitter and reddit

Decentralization of witnesses has also started. It moves a lot slower than we had hoped for, but eventually, we will get there :)

When people starts talking IoT, I always like to show them some of the progress that Byteball has had:

I missed the first few rounds unfortunately 😃

But I'm actually fine not having a huge bag. Whenever money gets in the picture, things start to turn irrational and emotional. I prefer to focus on the use cases and to explore the opportunities of the platform

I forget the numbers, but it would sure be nice to compound starting with that 😁


pressed esport and there Coming second half of 2018.

Bear market is hurting basically everything

im ready to bet on esport plus daily fantasy

thats the other thing that salaries of crypto experts was too huge

But yeah, that's the thing with a lot of those huge projects. They inflate to incredible size in a very short amount of time. They completely lose track of their expenses and things spiral out of control

Currently, only witnesses receives part of the transaction fees. It's really minimal, and barely covers the costs of running the server.

When we can transfer token from smart wallet ?

Hubs and witnesses are the two core elements that will potentially have a financial incentive. Witnesses from the transaction fees and hubs can in time build a model of income from being "first in line" full nodes seeing transactions a fraction of a second before everyone else, thereby making it possible for it to post a transaction of its own to reference that new transaction, thus collecting the payload part of the fee. Another income model could be to offer bot operators a high rank on the bot store, promote a certain bot through a time limited campaign etc.

(after selecting the smart wallet)

I believe it had quite a strong start in Milan:

That is two option, sign by you and sign by peer ,

Yup - you can spend it after a year. The second condition is for safety - after 2 years, if people have still not moved their bytes from their wallets, we will start initiatives to inform people that they should get out the bytes. But a lot of users will have completed the attestations only to get some quick bytes and have uninstalled their wallets after selling their bytes. So to prevent a lot of bytes (more than 73,000 users attested) from being lost forever, there is that safety condition.

I have no doubt Tony is smarter than i am lol

actually wallet is kinda cool , i hope there will be more graphic part in future in interface

and part of autoupdate is necessary

But smoked a few million dollars worth when it was in single digits

They cant be. The minute they get listed on an exchange, part of the privacy goes down the drain

I read the white paper at the start

The government doesn't want us all to have untraceable money

Fortunately, this great technology works fine even without the government's consent 👍

Mike is a smart guy

Now they have given altcoins an opportunity to gain momentum

And an army of supporters

Marketing is sometimes more important than good tech

Nice graphics for the weekly progress report here:

So it's tested a full backup from Android works fine restoring at a desktop (incl smart wallet) but restoring to another android doesn't work

do i need a full backup everytime i send funds to a wallet ?

You need only a full backup for safe smart contracts and private assets (like blackbytes).If you receive only bytes you dont need all time a backup 😉 you can try this with a small amount.Attention!If you make a backup and after you generate a new address and receive to this address bytes, you must after restore generate this new address again.sorry for my english 🤡

so if i continue my support i will get about 4$ of bytes in 2019

Ok, I have a byteball witness running. Far as I can tell, database fully updated, witness funded, and log showing it's operating without issues. How do I ensure the network participants can see it

Announcing your candidacy to the community is all that it takes. Publish the wallet address of the witness and people can change one of their default witnesses to your address instead.

Thanks. I'm asking more on technical side. The witness server listens to requests, I presume via the config option exports.port = 6611 determines that the witness can be accessed externally via requests to that?

There's basically nothing more to it, then 😊As Peter says, as long as the witness posts transactions at a regular interval, that the full nodes of the network can use as a sort of "beacon" to determine a transactions position on the main chain, you are pretty much all set and ready to go.

It'll be fine to mention it in the weekly newsletter. Only with the notice that it is a community effort :)

The wcg sent to our byteball wallet can be used for what please ?

Nothing for the time being. It does allow any third party to offer discounts or similar things to also show their support for Byteball users who contributed to the WCG effort

Nice article , thank you

Final update before the bot-wars deadline:
You using multi wallet possible ?

Nope , just my single wallet and the smart contract wallet

They offer an option to apply various additional checks like credit worthiness but we don't do that. Whether people have a good or bad credit history is totally irrelevant to Byteball since the ID isn't used to provide any kind of credit to users.

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