Hello! Tell me please how I can untie my old wallet from the Steemit account and tie a new one?

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Arvind Mehta
I am looking for byteball buy through credit card, what are the charges/fee for it?

Dont use. Not working right now. Some problems from Indacoin's end. i ended up not getting any discount ( or refund) for Real name attestation & Steemit attestation.

There should be zero net fees if you have done Real Name attestation & steemit attestation with Reputation >50.

Arvind Mehta
I did not find byteball at their website.

My order was converted to BTC and I was forced to register an account via Indacoin mobile app. The BTC was sent to my newly registered Indacoin account. No Bytes arrived to my Byteball wallet, therefore i lost out on my 6% + 3% refund for Real name & Steemit attestations.

Arvind Mehta
I dont find this 0 calculations. How you calculate this?

Indacoin charge 9% fee. Byteball promises 6% +3% refund for Real name attestation & Steemit attestation respectively

@Punqtured is there any way to claim my 6% & 3% reimbursement for Real Name Attestation and Steemit Attestation respectively for using the "Buy Bytes with Visa aor Mastercard bot"?

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