I think this shold be the right way, otherwise nobody is able to use web wallet like MEW,etc.

It effectively requires the user to be able to check where the private key was generated. Not all users can be expected to be able to validate if the private key was generated locally and never left the users' computer/browser.

I am not saying that there is anything suspicious about the web wallet, only that users should be aware of the risks and make a qualified decision on whether to use a wallet or not.

👌Yes, I agree it is decided by user whether to use the web version wallet, it is a news from the local community, so there will be no official promotion for it.

The wcg sent to our byteball wallet can be used for what please ?

Nothing for the time being. It does allow any third party to offer discounts or similar things to also show their support for Byteball users who contributed to the WCG effort

If people have suggestions for new distribution methods, please dont be shy. It should have wide reach, include some kind of mechanism to prevent a single user from claiming the distribution more than once and generally address a community or group that is relevant and can potentially contribute to the overall ecosystem.

I was just thinking 50 byte wallets are about $1,500 and of course 100 byte wallets are $3,000 .....for people who diversify into many coins I assumed that was about average for MOST of the wallets for Byteball

You can just state your question here in the channel. No need for PM

Who is the right person to discuss about potential exchange listing?
Paying homage to a great Dane. Mr. Anders Hejlsberg, the creator of several programming languages. C# being just one.
You using multi wallet possible ?

Nope , just my single wallet and the smart contract wallet

We should celebrate Chinese new year as well. They even have cool names for years where we use boring numbers. 2015 vs The Year Of The Dragon. Not fair competition 😂

They offer an option to apply various additional checks like credit worthiness but we don't do that. Whether people have a good or bad credit history is totally irrelevant to Byteball since the ID isn't used to provide any kind of credit to users.

Tried to use multi sig option to send a transaction

Yeah, and I know the exchange bot is being moved to a new server, so that might also cause some additional waiting time. It should be there in an hour or so

Just a quick update on the Cryptopia hack. There is still no news or emails to byteball core team from them.

Let's keep our fingers crossed they didn't suffer any loss of Bytes. We have still not heard anything from them yet. We only have the same information as everyone else can read on social media and news outlets.

The problem is that the site is close so we can't withdraw our bytes and the more I look at it the more I feel they will split the loss on all the site users erc20 holders or not

They operate in New Zealand and are regulated under that jurisdiction. They would be charged with theft if they seized customers' funds. I have a very hard time seeing that would ever happen. The coins they lost (we still don't know if Bytes where stolen or not) where customers' coins, and therefore it might not be possible to reimburse customers for that. But coins that wasn't stolen will still be in their wallet and once they re-open, customers will have legal ownership over those coins.