I will try when u say it supposed to work yes I will try again next year

Cool. Do get back if it doesnt work out. We will definitely be able to sort things out eventually.

There is always a way around it mate! Even the Chinese still find a way around just saying what do I know!

плохие новости: Byteball is Moscow-based. Given the recent tendencies of the Russian government (attacking and censoring the internet, attempted blocking of telegram for not giving crypto keys, mass surveillance), this is a big problem. The main hub could be compromised, giving every transaction to the Russian government.

I wondered why even have device IDs per-device and not per-wallet

Still, paying people to attest their real identity is a bad move in my book

Do you have other suggestions? Any ideas to distribute free bytes, in a way that attracts more users and somehow prevents people from claiming many distribution shares, is very welcome 👍

Peter Miklos
The balance is moved to change address only when you spend the funds. If you keep holding and adding to it, it should be fine. But as punqtured says, a single address is more stable and gives less room for mistakes.

Actually if I have copied down the address I’ve sent funds in previously, even if I’ve spent something and the address changes. But if I keep depositing funds to my old address and use that address in attestation etc. it should work I guess.

Seems that the sports betting bot doesn't have any NFL playoff games. That's unfortunate. Probably the most betted on event in sports. There isn't even an option to be a maker for NFL games. 😢

Perhaps it's the sports Oracle that just haven't got those matches from wherever it gets its results. It's weird, though, because there's been other NFL games on the bot before.

all other world doesnt know even what is nfl

ye i saw even bytebal reddit attestatuion

To see how it works, try setting '' as your hub. Bots in that hub's bot store are ordered differently and some have been given Chinese names as well.

I haven't been paying as much attention to the project as i used to

Decentralization of witnesses has also started. It moves a lot slower than we had hoped for, but eventually, we will get there :)

It was one of the most functional coins even back in the day

And that was even way back then, compared to btc or other first gen crypto it was already impressive

Hoping to replace fiat currency in months or even a couple of years is insane

How can Tony prevent it from being abused?

I don't know exactly how it works to be honest. But I'm sure there's some control mechanisms in place to prevent it from being abused

That is two option, sign by you and sign by peer ,

Yup - you can spend it after a year. The second condition is for safety - after 2 years, if people have still not moved their bytes from their wallets, we will start initiatives to inform people that they should get out the bytes. But a lot of users will have completed the attestations only to get some quick bytes and have uninstalled their wallets after selling their bytes. So to prevent a lot of bytes (more than 73,000 users attested) from being lost forever, there is that safety condition.

21x less supply than even btc

I haven't checked price on blackbytes for a while. They're usually cheaper

You can even receive blackbytes without the sender getting to know your address. As of wallet version 2.5.0 they can be sent as textcoins.

Create a random anonymous email address. Have the sender send you the blackbytes as a textcoin. No trace of you even at the sender's end...

The government doesn't want us all to have untraceable money

Fortunately, this great technology works fine even without the government's consent 👍

Btc is effectively crippled from mass adoption so we have a good chance to eventually replace it

They apply 2nd layer solutions like lightning network (with the flaws an inefficiencies it has, though) to circumvent those limitations.

Now they have given altcoins an opportunity to gain momentum

It's a purely honorary token as a proof of your work even though you spend the Bytes you earned

If people have suggestions for new distribution methods, please dont be shy. It should have wide reach, include some kind of mechanism to prevent a single user from claiming the distribution more than once and generally address a community or group that is relevant and can potentially contribute to the overall ecosystem.

The cut at 500 was decided after having studied the balances of the wallets to try and get it as fair and evenly distributed as possible.

All I know is that I haven’t won haha

Yes, but it requires a direct bank connection from Byteball. That involves a lot of legal compliance and takes ages. But eventually, there will be options other than the Inda Coin solution.

Even after switching

We should celebrate Chinese new year as well. They even have cool names for years where we use boring numbers. 2015 vs The Year Of The Dragon. Not fair competition 😂

No, they haven't reached out yet and don't respond to messages. I will make sure to keep everyone posted as soon as we hear from them.