When we can transfer token from smart wallet ?

(after selecting the smart wallet)

It will show you the conditions that must be met before you can spend from the wallet. One of them will be a time/date condition

That is two option, sign by you and sign by peer ,

Yup - you can spend it after a year. The second condition is for safety - after 2 years, if people have still not moved their bytes from their wallets, we will start initiatives to inform people that they should get out the bytes. But a lot of users will have completed the attestations only to get some quick bytes and have uninstalled their wallets after selling their bytes. So to prevent a lot of bytes (more than 73,000 users attested) from being lost forever, there is that safety condition.

Like you said some user already delete their wallet because they using only for claim airdrop and sell their byte

actually wallet is kinda cool , i hope there will be more graphic part in future in interface

Use the in-wallet exchange bot

You can even receive blackbytes without the sender getting to know your address. As of wallet version 2.5.0 they can be sent as textcoins.

Byteball's streaming payment channels is a layer-2 solution too. It allows funds to be spend between two wallets without having to wait for confirmations.

You can try it out yourself, actually. If you have a wallet with only 1 incoming utxo you can try to send two transactions from it without having to wait for the first transaction's return funds to become stable.

So it's tested a full backup from Android works fine restoring at a desktop (incl smart wallet) but restoring to another android doesn't work

do i need a full backup everytime i send funds to a wallet ?

Announcing your candidacy to the community is all that it takes. Publish the wallet address of the witness and people can change one of their default witnesses to your address instead.

guys, a developer from China develops a web version wallet for Byteball ( ), it is ready for tryout now, you can use it to create Byteball wallet, backup via keystore and mnemonic, receive bytes and send bytes, check status throuth Byteball explorer, welcome to try and appreciate feedback, for more detail you can read this post at our reddit channel:

Do keep in mind, though, that by using a web-wallet, the control of the private key is effectively in the hands of the developer of the website. Therefore, users should use any web wallet understanding that risk. The developer isn't a Byteball core-team developer and thus, Byteball cannot guarantee safekeeping of users' funds.

I think this shold be the right way, otherwise nobody is able to use web wallet like MEW,etc.

I am not saying that there is anything suspicious about the web wallet, only that users should be aware of the risks and make a qualified decision on whether to use a wallet or not.

👌Yes, I agree it is decided by user whether to use the web version wallet, it is a news from the local community, so there will be no official promotion for it.

The cut at 500 was decided after having studied the balances of the wallets to try and get it as fair and evenly distributed as possible.

I was just thinking 50 byte wallets are about $1,500 and of course 100 byte wallets are $3,000 .....for people who diversify into many coins I assumed that was about average for MOST of the wallets for Byteball

Is there any plans moving forward to be able to buy bytes directly in the wallet besides the Indie coin option ?

You using multi wallet possible ?

Nope , just my single wallet and the smart contract wallet

Hi getting this error while opening my wallet

Make sure you are on wallet version 2.6.0

in that wallet you can save your token byteball

about byteball wallets there?

They operate in New Zealand and are regulated under that jurisdiction. They would be charged with theft if they seized customers' funds. I have a very hard time seeing that would ever happen. The coins they lost (we still don't know if Bytes where stolen or not) where customers' coins, and therefore it might not be possible to reimburse customers for that. But coins that wasn't stolen will still be in their wallet and once they re-open, customers will have legal ownership over those coins.

Right now, they have frozen all wallets which is definitely in everyone's best interest. We can only wait and see what happens. But right now, neither Cryptopia nor the New Zealand police and cyber crime unit has made any announcements about what exactly has been stolen.